- 66300 - CAMELAS

Phone +33 4 68 53 41 29
Language spoken FR 
GPS cordonates Lat : 42.6300412 -- Long : 2.68349690

The Romanesque village church dates from the eleventh century, the pink marble portal keeps on its pillars, the memory of the mother of a lord of the village. Dedicated to St Fruitful, it has an altarpiece of the main altar made ​​by Trémullas Lazarus (1644). Around 1425, twelve tables assembled in one altarpiece were ordered to the anonymous painter, called Master of Roussillon. This masterpiece of the International Gothic style is a flagship of European painting. It tells the story of Saint Nicolas. The church has a pre-Romanesque bedside flanked by two chapels and a single nave later, in 1380. The door has many wrought iron hinges. St Fructueux hosts many historical pieces.

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