A typical Aspres village, built on a hillside called “La Calcine”.

Its exceptional geographical location makes it a real balcony. From here, you can admire the Roussillon plain, where you can enjoy a wide variety of colours, from the green of the vines to the blue of the Mediterranean.

It is necessary to be surprised and charmed by its varied cultural heritage, we find the medieval fortified church of St Martin, a baroque altarpiece dating from the 18th century, the remains of the fortifications and the Dolmens.

For nearly a century, Llauro was one of the largest French centers in the cork stopper industry.

In figures: Thanks to its cork oak forests, the activity of the cork stopper was such that it absorbed up to 160 tons of cork per year, and counted 36 stop makers

Highest: 324 meters

21 km southwest of Perpignan

City Hall Mayor Mr Roger TOURNE
Place du Platane
66300 Llauro

Phone 04 68 39 40 22
Fax 04 68 39 46 27
Email contact@village-llauro.com
Web site www.village-llauro.com

Time table

The City Hall is open :

  • From Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
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