Nos marchés

Thuir’s Market

THUIR is a village with a lot of markets.
Every Saturday morning, on the Republic Square, there is a traditional market. Streets are full of people and colored stalls.
We can find everything: fruits, vegetables, meals, fishes, sellfish, cheeses, clothes, jewelry, books, ornementation… and also full of local producers and craftsmen.

Small producers and craftsmen market from Castelnou

In small and beautiful wood huts, local producers propose their own excellent local products : Olive Oil biologic, snails, fruit juice, “rousquilles” and some other Catalans biscuits, biologic bread,jam, biologics fruts and vegetables, honey and gingerbread, saffron, local wines, sweet wines,  goat cheese, terrines and duck “Foie gras”… but also crafts with jewelry, leather…

“Foire au gras” from Thuir

In the first days of December, the “Foire au gras” permited you to make your market and by some food or gifts for Christmas with local farmers. You can find duck: foie gras, duck breast, duck leg, duck confit, terrines, ccoked meals… But also poultry, chiken, guinea fowl, ostrish, capons… and also: honey, bgingerbread, jam, almond, fruts, veals, snails, pigs, delicatessen, frut juice, cheeses, olive oil, wines, oysters, biscuits, mustard…

Local farmers Market

Come to spend a very nice day, charing with local producers and craftsmen during the Local farmers market! Walks through the medieval village of Castelnou, to meet craftsmen. At 9:00 am, the market will open his doors, 30 local producers and craftsmen will propose their our best local products : fruts and vegetables, olive oil and products based on oil, duck terrines, snails, cheese, honey, breads, wine and sweet wine. But also some pottery, basketwork, leather … With music and entertainment all day long !

Christmas Market

Every years, in December, there is, near the Church, a local producers and craftsmen market who proposed, for the end of the year, local food for Christmas day and craftsmen products for gifts. There are also hot wine and other local products, with music. The village and their shops will be open, you’ll can walk through streets, visit some Art gallery and eat on restaurants.

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