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Tourism & Handicap

Created in 2001, the Tourism & Handicap Label aims to provide reliable and descriptive information on the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, taking into account the 4 types of impairment (hearing, mental, motor and visual) and to develop a adapted tourist offer.

The tourist sites and services that have obtained the Tourism and Handicap Label are tourist sites open to all where everything is done to ensure that everyone finds their place, enjoys a good holiday, enjoys visits and activities, entertainment and festivities, comfort of the accommodation and quality of catering.

We have listed for you the accommodation, catering establishments, tourist and leisure sites that meet the requirements of people with disabilities. An establishment can be labeled for one or more impairments among the following four: auditory, motor, mental and visual. To do this, he must meet specifications and commit to respecting them on a long-term basis. The label makes it possible to provide reliable and objective information to the tourist to help him organize his stay independently, but it also guarantees an adapted welcome and an aware staff.

Labeled establishments and facilities can be identified by the Tourisme & Handicap logo accompanied by the various pictograms representing the disabilities.

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