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On November 30, 2011, the Caves Byrrh tour circuit officially became part of the heritage of the Communauté des Communes des Aspres, which has carried out major work to create a new tour circuit.

Caves Byrrh in Thuir :

Established in Thuir for more than a hundred years, the Caves Byrrh are the cradle of Byrrh, an elixir invented by the brothers Simon and Pallade Violet in 1866.

The story of Byrrh begins like a fairy tale. The creators of this brand, which has become one of the most powerful businesses in the world, began their lives as simple shepherds.

They came from a modest family in Vallespir and moved down to the Roussillon plain to work in the itinerant fabric and haberdashery trade.

They settled in Thuir where they opened a shop.

Simon Violet, helped by his science of taste and his in-depth knowledge of wines, developed the marvellous formula of Byrrh, a “tonic and hygienic wine”.

Its fame soon spread beyond the region and it became world famous in the 1930s.

As you travel through this innovative tour of the Byrrh cellars, you will be surprised at every turn by:
– This magnificent and gigantic industrial heritage,
– The discovery of the cultural heritage of the 1903 posters, exhibited for the first time in Thuir
– The history of the founding family and the company, which will be told through appearances along the road, thanks to the new technologies that are there to serve the heritage.

Witness to the ambitions of the Violet family for Byrrh, the largest oak vat in the world will be a real technical feat with a capacity of 1 000 200 liters.



Participate in the safeguarding of the oak vats of the Byrrh Cellars, which are now over a century old!
Take part in the project to save the wooden vats of the Caves Byrrh, which were the largest cellar in the world in the 1930s!

These 70 vats are now over a century old and have dried out considerably.
In order to preserve and safeguard this magnificent heritage, it is imperative to restore all the vats. This requires the know-how of former master tunsmiths who have expertise in the specific work on large containers. This colossal task is commensurate with the immensity of the vats and this fabulous and fascinating epic.

Become actors in the safeguarding of this historic heritage of the Byrrh Cellars with, in particular, an undisputed jewel which is the largest oak vat in the world with a capacity of 1 million 200 litres!
Today the project is at the stage of diagnosis by master tinkers with expertise in the specific work of large containers.

The cost of the colossal work to save the oak vat house is over one million euros.

You too can save this magnificent heritage…
Make a donation!
By cheque to the order of the Fondation du Patrimoine – Caves Byrrh, send your cheques to


Fondation du Patrimoine Languedoc Roussillon
Occitanie-Méditerranée Delegation
Palais Jaques Cœur et des Trésoriers de France
5, rue des Trésoriers de France


drop it off at the reception of Caves Byrrh – 2 Bd Violet – 66300 THUIR


Un reçu fiscal vous sera adressé à l’adresse du chèque.
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