Les Caves Byrrh

Since 2011,November, 30th, the tour of Winery Byrrh belongs to immovables of “Communauté de Communes des Apsres” (Group of 19 villages around Thuir), which achieve very important renovation for a new guided tour.

Winery Byrrh in Thuir

Established in Thuir for more than a century, the Caves Byrrh (Byrrh cellar) is the cradle of Byrrh aperitif.  This Elixir was created by the Violet brothers in 1866. The story of Byrrh begins like a fairy tale. The creator of this brand, which has become one of the most powerful companies in the world, began his life as a merchant.

Born in a modest family from Vallespir (local area in Pyrénées Orientales), the 2 brothers came in the center of Roussillon, to work as itinerant trade for tissus and haberdashery. Then, they open a shop in Thuir. The discovery and the success of this first wine-based aperitif is not due to Simon Violet’s luck or mere coincidence, but they are only the result of his own genius, work and  perseverance. His notoriety will soon grow through the area to all the world, in the 30’s.

When going through this new guided tour of the Caves Byrrh, you will be surprised at any moment by:

  • this huge and wonderful industrial heritage.
  • cultural assets with posters from the 1903 advertizing competition which are exhibited for the first time in Thuir in the cellar.
  • you will be told the story of the founding family as well as of the company throughout the tour, thanks to new technologies, used to enhance this site.

         The Violet family’s ambition for Byrrh is represented by the biggest oak-vat in the world, a real technical prowess with a capacity of one million two hundred litres.

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The biggest oak vat of the world. 1st full in 1950, February the 2nd, mora than 15 years was needed to build this vat. A great technical prowess, which can contains 1 000 200 liters !”

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This command centre dating back 1925 allowed to follow the different stages of the production at any time. By concentrating at the same place the manual command of a whole pump network, only one person could realise the most difficult tasks: the mixing, the draining and the dispatching of wines in the vats.

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On January 23rd, le “Monde Illustré” launched the beginning of a competition attracting nearly about 1,900 competitors. An advertising posters competition was organized by the company whose aperitif became famous worldwide in the earlier 20th century.
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