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St Jean Lasseille

Small town of 1560 inhabitants, whose history of the village is closely linked to that of the Benedictine abbey of Saint Génis des Fontaines, which had a “cella” (hermitage in Latin) dating from 819. Saint Jean is the name of the Saint Protector of the city. As for Lasseille, it is a deformation of La Cella, “fortified enclosure”. The St Jean church has a single nave, the font at the entrance is in white marble, it is carved from an old capital of a column of the cloister of St André de Sorède, cloister dismantled. This decorative element dates from 1160-1170.
Altitude: 70 meters
13 km south-west of Perpignan

Information Mairie

30 Av. de la Mairie,
66300 Saint-Jean-Lasseille

04 68 21 72 05

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