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Chapel Sant Martí de la Roca


The chapel of Saint-Martin-de-la-Roche is located at the top of a hill south of the town of Camélas. Its location offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, the Canigou massif and the Roussillon plain.

The chapel appears in the texts as Ecclesia Santi Maritini de Rupe in 1259. It maintained a religious connection between the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, but was gradually abandoned.

At the end of the 17th century, many abandoned religious buildings were transformed into hermitages. This is the case of the chapel of Saint-Martin-de-la-Roca, the old chapel of Quérubi, which became a hermitage in 1644 thanks to Abbot Honoré Cuiro. The hermitage was endowed with a house in 1646. Many hermits followed one another until the Revolution. There were seven in the first two decades. The living conditions were really very hard. Following the anticlerical laws of 1790 aimed at suppressing religious buildings other than parishes, the hermitage of Saint-Martin was closed. It reopened in 1801 after the relaxation of anticlerical laws.





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