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This magnificent small medieval village is one of the most remarkable sites to be discovered in Catalonia. It has been classified among the most beautiful villages in France since 1984.

Surrounded by two limestone causses, the Causse de Thuir and the Roc de Majorque (alt. 443 m); nestled at the Aspres area foot, this village founded in the 10th century seems to have been forgotten for more than three centuries, after having been the capital of the Viscount of Vallespir.
The village still retains its medieval appearance with its ramparts punctuated by 8 towers and 4 gates, arranged at the 4 cardinal points, its watchtower and its viscount castle built in 990 by the Lord of Castelnou to serve as a military base and ad The rugged appearance of this steep site built in stone and arranged in steps, contrasts in a very pleasant way with the privacy that emerges from its flowery alleys. It is organized around two parallel streets, the Carrer d’Avall and the Carrer del Mig, several staircases allow to pass from one to the other. During your visit you will notice the presence of bread ovens, corniches painted on the reverse side of the tiles and several houses also have beautiful cut stones from the castle.
The fortifications remain to a very large extent, the most notable part being the Millars Gate to the north of the village, surrounded by two towers.
The 13th century Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria Del Mercadal was built outside the village.
While strolling through the cobbled streets you will discover many craftsmen. Castelnou in Catalan means “new castle” in French
Altitude: 278 meters

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Carrer de la Patora,
66300 Castelnou

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