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Like all Aspres villages, Camélas is full of history.
Camélas was built on a prehistoric site. There is a dolmen, the “Caixeta dolmen” at the place called Solar del Mouton.
Like Caixas, Camélas is composed of several hamlets: Camélas, Bellecroze, Politg and the St Martin de la Roca hermitage.
The Romanesque church of the village dates from the 11th century, its pink marble portal preserves on its pillars the memory of the mother of a lord of the village as to the hermitage St Martin de la Roca Its history begins in 1259, it is the point of interest for a hike.
If you go to Mas del Pull, you may meet Adrienne Cazeilles, a writer and activist for the protection of the Aspres Mountain Range.
Altitude: 140 meters
14 km southwest of Perpignan

Information Mairie

Lieu-dit La Plaine,
66300 Camélas

04 68 53 41 29

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